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Charter Oaks Trail Repair - Fencing
Charter Oaks Trail Repair - Fencing
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Bid Invitation #:18-832-4503
Contact:Kinjal Buch Company:Town of Los Gatos
PreBid Date: There is no pre-bid meeting scheduled for this project. Bid Date: 8/23/2018 10:00 AM
Bid Categories:  General

Scope of Work:
The project involves removal and replacement of damaged chain link fence, fence posts and footings along Los Gatos Creek Trail near Charter Oaks drive in Town of Los Gatos.
Engineer’s Estimate: $25,000-$35,000.

Job Purchase Information:
Bidding Documents may be purchased for a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE of (No charge for this bid set) via the internet at (under the PLAN VAULT button).

Bidding Documents may also be purchased by calling Prints Charles Reprographics at (408) 240-3330. Please make checks payable to Prints Charles Reprographics not the Town of Los Gatos. Bidders requesting that Bidding Documents be mailed/shipped to them will be charged the full costs of shipping. (No Charge) on our overnight carrier. Bidding Documents and Plan Holder lists may also be viewed at the web site noted above.

Addenda, if any, will be provided free of charge to all registered plan holders, and to all Builders Exchanges.

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